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IGNITE: Intentional Genuine Natural Improvisational Total Engaging

Last year I was able to lead a march in silence protesting domestic violence. In the mix of it I attended an event today and remembered where I started getting involved, why I work for change, and what I expect out of it. As I walked around Rockland’s campus with elected officials, nonprofit officials, and a few students with posters I noted the crowd behind us grow large.

It was surreal. It was that moment I understood how much of a difference we could make for people not just by moving to solve problems but for showing people that they too can do the same. At the end of the march there must have been at least 100 students and in the months following it student activism around Domestic Violence and derogatory terms used for women gained the attention it deserved. On that day I realized the true impact of a leader that takes the first step because this leader is empowering those around him or her who want to speak out but don’t know where to start.

When we push forward and execute change, many of us search for a reason. And when we find none we choose not to take a stance or let injustice thrive and our thoughts fall to the wayside. My motivation to make change is the impact it has on me; when I help spread opportunity or hope I feel more empowered. So, what I expect from starting change is to feel good. When the issue is garnering support or making others feel motivated to take a stake in the issue with you it’s as simple as ignite. These 6 words are all you need to create change. Coupled with honesty and commitment you’ll be an unstoppable change maker capable of whatever you desire.  

Go Terps!