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Joplin: Almost a Year Later

On the evening of Sunday, May 22, 2011 a disaster struck the community of Joplin, Missouri in the form of an EF-5 tornado.  The twister rapidly intensified as it hit the southern portion of the city and continued its destructive path east on Interstate 44 into Jasper and Newton counties.   The tornado took out roofs and even wiped out entire homes, neighborhoods, and a hospital.  What had started as an ordinary spring day ended in disaster. 

Thankfully, help was received.  The American Red Cross sent thousands of volunteers to the people in Joplin, many of whom had lost their lives in the twister. The volunteers sent food, clothing, water, and other supplies.  Camps and makeshift tents were set up to help those people that lost their homes.  Without the help of volunteers, the people of Joplin would not have been able to survive. 

Volunteering is very important.  Imagine if you were one of the people living in Joplin that Sunday in May 2011.  What if you lost your home in the tornado and were left with close to nothing?  Wouldn’t you be thankful for anyone who donated their time to help you after the disaster occurred? 

Perhaps volunteering gives you a sense of fulfillment – knowing you donated your own time to help someone else – without a monetary reward.  Instead, your reward is a sense of appreciation for people and life in general.  Volunteering gives you a new perspective on life.  It makes you more thankful of the things you have that could be lost in an instant, like the Joplin tornado. 

If you want to give back to your community and help others after disasters like the tornado in Joplin, join a volunteer organization and start volunteering today.