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Tips & Advice

Benefits of Volunteering

Why volunteer? Is it for the warm feeling, joy and inspiration that arises in a person? Is it to make another life better in some way? Or is it because you are bored one day? I volunteer at Tops Soccer to share my love for the game.

Tops Soccer is an organization designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any child who has a mental or physical disability. This wonderful opportunity is organized by Mount Laurel Association volunteers. During the spring and fall seasons, the children are provided a way to become valued and successful members of the soccer family. Even though waking up early on the weekend can be difficult, it is worthwhile to see your new friends score a goal!

This program has given me a new perspective on life. I am more thankful for the opportunities available and appreciative of the things around me.  

Volunteering at Tops Soccer taught me how a simple gesture or a few minutes of my time can make a huge difference for someone else. Even though the children benefit greatly through this program, I believe that this program is a huge benefit for me. Most importantly, the kids and I share the same love of soccer through an organized, friendly game.

Tops Soccer shows the impact a small group of people can make in the community. As a group of youth volunteers, we are working together to help each other. 

Tops Soccer is my favorite spot to be every Saturday morning. If you want to be active and do something, find an organization near you to volunteer at. Stay active and give back to your community.