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Tips & Advice

Effective Communication

Last year’s Clinton Global Initiative University 2011 (CGIU) conference yielded a grand array of young people working for good. Each individual working in his/her own project showed great compassion for humanity as a whole and greater intellect through the way each saw to solve these problems. Nine students from this project stood out to me. This small contingent would spend months after the conference on Skype, Facebook, and Conference Call’s just chatting about our experiences and seeing how we could effectively combine all of them for the greater good.

Our solution came to fruition on President Clinton’s Birthday, August 19th, 2011. Re-Envision Your Future (, was created.  Just a few months later in March of 2012 we’d find ourselves in meetings with members of Congress and leaders at the United Nations Secretariat Headquarters in New York City, NY.

These people were eager to meet with us because we are young people mobilizing for effective change. Many young people have recently asked me how we’ve gotten the ReEnvision team to this stage so quickly and how they could do the same in the context of their own programming.

My answer is simple: Effective Communication is key to getting what you’re doing noticed.  

If you’re doing good things and you want to help get other people mobilized to do good in the simple ways they can give back, you must get the word out. The best way to do this is social media and utilization of local resources. Local resources are simple tools like word processors and email- In half an hour you can have a press release drafted, edited, and e-blasted to ten’s of media outlets. While helping you get the word out to a larger population, these organizations can also help by sharing service events and activities.

Always remember, they can’t participate in something they don’t know about! Doing good is always appreciated-- empowering others to do good has priceless value. Be well my friends!