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Passion Found in Youth

I can easily recall a cliché moment in elementary school, one which I’m sure everyone has had a parallel experience to. The teacher asked us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Over half the class raised their hands and said they wanted to be President when they grew up. That astounds me now, I always wonder where that young innocence vanished to. 

There are so few of us left that retain the unrealistic passion we had as children.  I don’t want to be President, but I still have crazy ideas that most people around me would scoff at.  When did it become taboo to wish to be beyond the norm?  When did goals that lied outside of an ordinary career become childish?

To me, all of life is a struggle to retain elements of a youthful nature.  I don’t define the word ‘youth’ in terms of age.  I define it in terms of the passion and curiosity characteristic of youth. Being a 16-year old, I am undoubtedly still considered a teenager.  But I try to be youthful in a deeper way. I excitedly diving into life, constantly remind myself of how vast the world is and the endless adventures it provides. Otherwise, we grow too steadfast in our attitudes, in our thoughts, in our experiences. We become too comfortable in our lives and grow apathetic. Instead, we should be restless, active, curious. If age brings wisdom, youth gives us a reason to use that wisdom.

And most importantly, regardless of age, the greatest progress in society has always been from individuals who had the hope and fervor of youth. Volunteen Nation is just one example of what youth themselves are capable of.