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'And then the Climate Changed'

Climate Change will have significant impacts on children’s health and psychological well-being, due to climate-related natural disasters and other changes in the environment and weather. Likely effects, which will increase as climate change’s physical impacts accelerate, include stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and a loss of community identity.
A new feature film documentary ‘And Then The Climate Changed’ tells the story of two moms deeply concerned about the future for their kids. Jessica is an environmental leader trained by Al Gore and Beth, is a psychiatrist. Together they have six children. The film follows them on their journey to find answers to the basic question: How do we prepare our children for a world in increasingly affected by the consequences of Climate Change.
In their search for answers, the women talk to many leading figures including advisor to the UN and director of the Earth Institute; Jeffrey Sachs, and Senator Joe Lieberman, who tried unsuccessfully to introduce a Climate Stewardship Act to the U.S. Senate three times. The women also investigate fascinating programs to help young people volunteer, develop resilience, and learn the skills they will need to be resourceful and effective community leaders. Youth service environmental leader Charles Orgbon III, CEO of Greening Forward, is featured in the film.
Trailers, video clips and lots of information can be found here: