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High School Senior Gabreal Hughes Changes Culture at Norco High School

Every moment presents itself with the opportunity to make a difference, should we have the courage to boldly venture into the lifestyle of service. For high school senior and varsity football player Gabriel Hughes, the choice was clear when he saw freshman Nathan Clark impacted with visual impairment.

Gabreal noticed Nathan struggling with trying to get to his classes, as he would require a walking stick to guide his movements. Since August, the boys have formed a powerful duo. As Gabe would help him walk to his classes, they formed a friendship unlike any other. In November, Gabe worked personally with his football coaches and language arts teacher to arrange Nathan being able to run through the football banner before a game, as well as gave him a football with the signatures from the varsity team.

His kindness didn’t go unnoticed. Gabe’s willingness spread to the rest of the football team, as Nathan is now surrounded with friends willing to support him. Even more, students at Norco High School individually are taking time out of their day to meet and befriend Nathan.

Opportunities are all around us to make a difference, and all it takes is a smile and willingness to help. What will you do to help make the world around you a better place?