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Use Your Difference to Make a Difference

Can you imagine a world where the youth have a voice and actually do something about solving the world’s problems and bridge gaps as educators, diplomats and travel enthusiasts? That’s a world I imagine everyday and that’s what gave birth to my mission statement which is "use your difference to make a difference." I don’t subscribe to the status quo that says one should go about things in a conventional manner or that there's only one path to success.

You see I grew up in four different continents and five different countries and it became evident to me that the world is so much bigger than we realize and that there is so much learning that people need to do. I also found that a lot of people are afraid of change or what they don't know and thus subscribe to the archaic mindset that states that one way of thinking is the ONLY and BEST way to live.

To disrupt this mindset I launched, a multi media platform that features all sorts of content every day showing people all over the world using their difference to make a difference or a unique perspective about what culture is like indifferent parts of the world. It’s all about thinking differently, it’s all about understanding what makes us different and applying that for good. 

It’s all about using our DIFFERENCE to make a DIFFERENCE.