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Mark Up Your World

Emily Lundberg. If that name seems familiar it is because she used to be an intern here at Volunteen Nation. Now she is creating her own website, Contemporary Success. 

Emily has grown up working hard for everything she has. This includes three internships under belt, top notch grades, and the upcoming website. Through all of it, she couldn’t seem to find a resource that’s focus was to help young adults. When asking how to build/make a resume, what the difference is between business casual and business professional dress is, or which career path she wanted to look into, all of the resources were for people older and who already had experience. No one talked about how to start leaving a foot print on career world. Thus, Contemporary Success was born.

“Contemporary Success is a career development website that is meant as both a voice and a resource for young professionals of all fields and interests,” Emily said. “It is for high school students and young adults who are just figuring out what career path is right for them and how to accomplish their goals.” 

Emily believes that being able to help young adults is specifically important as they are our country’s future. She also believes that it is important for people to volunteer and intern as these give young adults the experience they need to start creating their resumes. 

“There are so many options out there that everyone is able to find something that works for them,” Emily said. “My advice for those who think that there are no opportunities to do what their interested in is to just approach businesses and organizations and ask. You'd be surprised what doors may open up.” 

Some open doors to look into, include the doors at Contemporary Success. The website is there as a platform for young adults to not only use as a resource, but to also voice their needs and opinions. There are two main ways to do this. The first is to go through Contemporary Success’s writing internship. They are working on a program to let young writers get published so that they can express the problems and solutions they have had in their experience. There is also the fact that any young adult who has a great internship idea for Contemporary Success or the website can email Emily to help create a personalized internship. All of this adds to the already prevalent young adult voice. 

As for the future of Contemporary Success it is always evolving. 

“My hope is that we'll publish enough content to truly become a one-stop career development and professional site for young adults,” Emily said. “I’d also like Contemporary Success to serve as a platform for young entrepreneurs, to develop more interactive programs and internships that will add deeper value to our audience which I'd like to grow considerably, and to highlight more the achievements made by young adults.” 

Contemporary Success will start checking off some of these goals by creating an online web series highlighting entrepreneurship endeavors started by young adults. 

If you would like to know more about Emily or Contemporary Success visit the website. You can also email Emily at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about potential internships. Check it out and start making your impact on the world today.