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Raise.Me to an Affordable Education

Today, college can seem like a money vacuum. With tuition rising, it seems impossible to go to college and come out debt free. The website www.Raise.Me is working to fight against graduates in debt by awarding college scholarship money to you every time you accomplish a small goal during high school, like getting an “A” in a class or doing one hour of community service.

With a growing list of participating colleges, www.Raise.Me has been rewarding hard-working students for everything from getting a “B” in a class to being involved in after-school activities. Students can earn hundreds of dollars for doing what they love. The best part? There is no competition. This isn’t a scholarship students must write an essay for or one where they’re competing for a set amount of money. This is a program that rewards 100% of students for every goal they accomplish. “Any high school student can sign up, and receive money each time they achieve a small goal in high school,” said Shagran Hassan, Vice President of Raise.Me. With over 20 goals that students can complete, students can get thousands of dollars for their education. This also doesn’t mean that the scholarships provided are for just the Valedictorians or Salutatorians. 

Absolutely anyone can get money. www.Raise.Me is also completely user friendly. Students just sign up and then fill in the blanks. After you fill in a few lines, colleges instantly award you scholarship money based on each of your achievements. This money must be used at the specific 

college that is giving the student money; with the growing list of participating colleges at www.Raise.Me it is likely there will be one that is best for you. “They [colleges] are really a mix. Some are large public colleges like Penn State and University of Central Florida, which are two of the five largest public colleges in the United States. Then there are also some really good private colleges like DePaul University, and liberal arts colleges like Oberlin College.” There are colleges from everywhere. 

With this easy to use site and several dozen college partners, students can feel better about going to college and getting a degree without worrying about how much debt awaits them. Every single goal, whether it is one “A” in a class or two hours of volunteer work gets students closers to a more affordable future. If you want to sign up or know more about www.Raise.Me, follow this link to their website. As a member myself, I can say it is definitely worth your time.