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Keds Brave Life Summit

It has been three days since I attended the Keds Brave Life Summit and my head and my heart are still swirling. Arriving in New York, I had no idea what to expect from the experience and I felt tings of nervousness and gratitude for the experience.

The plane ride from Georgia to New York gave me some time to think. I thought about my future as late as what I would do after retirement or would I be one of those workers who never retired and my future as near as the summit and what I hoped to get out of the experience. I even thought about the distant past of three years ago when I had last been in New York shortly after my mother passed away and the more recent past of when I almost did not send in an application for the summit because I did not think that I would get accepted. 

A lot had changed with this time and I am sure that a lot more will change in the future. I took away so many things from the summit, but my biggest lesson had to me my realization that all the tools that I needed to succeed were inside me. We hear speakers all the time tell us all time the old cliché of how we are in charge of our destiny and how we are the ones who can change the world. I can guess that many of us do not believe this although this is what we are taught and that is the decision we make.

After the summit, I decided to take this advice and apply it to all that I do. I decided to not be the one who gets in my own way. I decided to be brave.