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Growing a Garden and Giving Back

Today I donated 10 more pounds of cucumbers to my local food pantry from my backyard garden. I think the cucumbers are taking over my garden this year. I was lucky enough to be one of 31 grantees to receive funding from Katie's Krops, an incredible non-profit organization. Selected from over 170 applicants, I am now one of more than 75 inspirational youth nationwide growing vegetable gardens to end hunger. Through the local food pantry, my garden has provided more than 50 pounds of fresh cucumbers to the underserved this summer. In addition, when we were donating produce today, we also had the amazing experience of giving the food to the underserved in the community. 

When I was making my first donation to the pantry with my mom, they noticed that my mom was fluent in both English and Chinese, and I was half fluent in Chinese (and fluent in English). Every Friday when they give the food out at the pantry, they serve some people who speak only Chinese and no English. These individuals do not understand what the leader is saying, what the food is, or how much they can take; so they asked my mom and I if we could come to the pantries on Friday to translate. Without a doubt we took the opportunity.

This week, we went to the food panty and my mom translated everything to the fluent Chinese speakers. I helped at the baked goods station. It was a good thing my mom and I were at the right place at the right time because one Chinese couple thought an clear orange/brown cleaning solution was apple juice. Another Chinese lady had diabetes so she needed some food that did not have much sugar, so I helped her find a pie with no sugar, some bread with no sugar, and some other foods as well. 

Not only did we help translate for the Chinese speakers, we also helped many others. We helped people find healthy food options and showed them where everything was. I had a great time volunteering at the food pantry and I hope to go back as many times as I can to help. Thank you Katie’s Krops for helping me connect to my local food pantry!