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Celebrate Green Times

Interacting with nature is a part of our everyday life. Whether it is going out and sleeping under the stars, or a nice view from an apartment window, we all have experienced nature in positive ways. National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is dedicated to celebrating those positive experiences and the 600 million acres of public lands in the U.S. “Whether it’s going to parks, community gardens, or a local lake, we all have these experiences that tie us to these special places,” says Anna Wadhams, manager of National Environmental Education Foundation’s Public Lands Program . “We never have the time to take a day and celebrate the fact that these sites are available to us.”  

This is exactly what NPLD wants to help with. Held on September 27, NPLD holds thousands of events all over the United States. Through service teams lead by site managers, it is estimated around 18 million dollars’ worth of volunteer service is contributed on this day. These activities aren’t just cleaning up parks and the picking the litter up on the side of the road either. These activities range from that to community gardens, events like concerts, and even educating the public. “[NPLD] shows how diverse our public lands are across the country.”

It is basically a time to band together and celebrate that which supports us. “I see, for a lot of young people, a fantastic opportunity through National Public Lands Day, to give back to a site they have visited countless times before.” It doesn’t matter how you have interacted with the site (sport event, hangout, or family reunion), that site has given you an area designated to you. By making sure that it stays beautiful and healthy you help insure that it will be just as nice for someone else. 

Getting involved in NPLD is a great to volunteer and have fun. There are many ways to participate and organize different service projects. By attending or organizing your own NPLD event, you are eligible to be nominated for a Volunteer of the Year award and can enter a photo contest to win fun prizes! These are a few ways volunteers are awarded for their participation in NPLD.

If you want to know more about NPLD or want to find an event near you visit their website or Facebook page. Interested in organizing your own NPLD event? Sign up and register today! We hope to see you outside on September 27!