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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

February 20th marks the World Day of Social Justice. It also marks the day that World Vision will be launching their Reveal Realities Photo Contest. Focusing mainly on the pressing issues of inequality and Child Protection, World Vision hopes to bring to life the severity that our world's children face. It doesn't matter if it is economic, political, or social; inequality needs to be brought to an end.

I have gotten the opportunity to help advertise and work on a committee for this campaign. It has opened my eyes to so many different issues that inequality affects. One affect I have now realized in my own school system is the economic inequality. There are families that can't afford a decent meal over the weekends. This can lead to those students being less attentive in class, their attendance is more likely to decline, and their outlook is generally not as peppy as that of other students. It is only one heartbreaking reality when it comes to our world.

But there is hope. Through this competition, World Vision hopes to bring to light these realities and get more people talking about this issue. After all the photos have been submitted, (the deadline being April 30th), World Vision will choose 18 photos that tell the best story. Those 18 photos will become a calendar that government officials can use to remember who they are fighting for and issues that must not be forgotten.

There is also one grand prize. The overall winner will get a camera and photography gear. Plus, they will also have an amazing opportunity to partner with a professional photographer and help teach youth in a development community in Latin America about photography and why it is so powerful.

If you want to learn visit the Reveal Realities web page ( The only question after left is; “What does inequality look like through your lens.”