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Youth Service Institute

Everyone at VolunTEEN Nation, appreciates and advocates for youth participation in volunteer activities. This is why we were extremely excited and to learn we got honored with one of the $2,000 grants from Youth Service America.

This past November I was able to go to the Youth Service Institute (YSI) Convention, where I learned everything about planning a Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) project. We discussed everything from how to get youth involved to how to get politicians engaged. Every detail was covered.

The most interesting thing that I took from this amazing opportunity was how to get youth, not traditionally asked to serve, involved. As a group of different organizations we came up with different way for students to participate. My specific group talked about students with jobs and how they can get their places of employment involved. Whether it is an advertisement or even helping fund local organizations, these students can be proud that they took the initiative to involve their work place.

It was also a great place to network with a multitude of different organizations and people. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to hear other people’s thoughts on how to handle different situations. You had people from all over the United States with completely different backgrounds. Everyone from adults, to administrators, to Carly Brandt who is one of VolunTEEN Nation's youth ambassadors. Each person had a unique perspective that they brought to the table.

With all the notes that I took between the people and the activities at YSI, I am excited to help with the planning of VolunTEEN Nation’s GYSD project. We are doing a Books on Bases project to help collect books for military bases. It is sure to be a fun easy way to help the families of those fighting for our country. Keep an eye out for more information on GYSD, our project, and how you can get involved.