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People Asking, "Why Not?"

Late nights are for Jimmy Fallon, the X Factor is for the aspiring artists, and your current events are brought to you with a comedic spin by Jon Stewart. And now, millennials' have their show, GenYNot. For any millenial wanting to see a show with hosts as fresh as they are young, and with topics ranging from obesity to Miley Cyrus, and unpaid internships to philanthropy, then this is the show for you. 

GenYNot is a weekly web show for millenials, by millenials. Every millenial has a story, or an experience that needs to be shared, and who better to tell it than themselves. The web show is a collaborative between four millenials: Jamira, Jordan, Daniel, Marvin. Their frustration at experts speaking for millenials, instead of letting millenial’s speak for themselves, was the inspiration for their web show. They feel that young people are set aside as reserve, only to be paraded around when it is convenient, and are put off to the side again as soon as they are no longer needed. In fact, it was youth who rallied on campuses, created art to amplify their voice, and encouraged their favorite artists to center music festivals about the causes they care about. Yet the media lacks the young persons voice, leaving youths out of conversations that impact them. They are simply silenced, and have to stand back and let others speak for them.

Capturing the voice of a generation is a challenge (unless you have Kanye’s self-proclaimed title of “Voice of this Generation”), and something that the hosts of GenYNot are not trying to do. They are simply raising questions, and engaging conversations on issues that affect the millenial’s daily life.

GenYNot invites everyone to join them Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on for their weekly dialogue. Tweet, Facebook, Email, and Blog them. They are ready to collaborate. Just use the #GenYNot hashtag or tweet @GenYNotLive and if they think it’s a good idea, they’ll use it on the next show. This show is about amplifying your voice, so let it be heard! If you can’t get enough from GenYNot, then check out their website for resources, stories, and articles that are geared towards the millennial generation.

Find the hosts bios below, and make sure to connect with them via twitter! The hosts of GenYNot met through twitter, so join the conversation, you never know who you’ll interact with.

Jamira Burley (@JamirBurley) [24] Philadelphia Jamira Burley works as the Executive Director for the City of Philadelphia Youth Commission. As an active and notable member of her community, she has made it her mission to employ her personal experiences as a driving force to improve the lives of others. Jamira currently holds a number of leadership positions locally and nationally. Jamira is an advocate for civic engagement, comprehensive education reform and violence prevention,

Marvin Mathew (@Marvin_Matthew) [22] New York Marvin Mathew is a solutions engineer focused on creating value while empowering and enabling young people to create and contribute impactful and innovative solutions. His experiences range between philanthropist, social entrepreneur, and thought leader. A former College Student Body President, Non-Profit leader, and international consultant, Marvin has been one of the countries youngest advocates for integrated solutions to bringing government, industry, and civil society together; truly a golden triangle.

Jordan Howard (@JayyH) [21] Los Angeles . As one of the youngest sustainability educators and youth educators, Jordan has made it her mission to provide youth with the inspiration and tools to create the change they want to see in their schools, communities, and cities. Jordan partners and consults with various organizations and corporations across the nation with a focus to educate youth on issues centered around, environmental literacy, health & wellness, plastic pollution, climate change, and environmental justice.

Daniel Alejandro Leon (@ItsDLeon) [24] Miami As a YP4 Senior Fellow, Daniel developed a blueprint and focused on using urban arts to bring forth diversity on his campus.He recently completed his internship at William J. Clinton Foundation, where he restructured a program that gives high school students the opportunity to intern at the foundation and go through an intensive training to prepare them for college and professional work environments. He aspires to one day be the CEO of a company that focuses on the interactions between private and public sectors and uses the entertainment industry as a medium for social change.