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Spreading the Love

Devon Carrow, an inspiring 19 year old, is spreading the love through an online organization she so appropriately named the “Love Spreader.” Diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of sixteen, Devon's confidence dropped. She found herself depressed and wishing for her real hair to come back. Then in February when her grandfather died after a long fight with cancer, Devon found her inspiration to help others. She said, “He was always so optimistic and didn't let anything get him down. When he passed away I wanted to do something to continue his legacy.”

Starting her first video, “You’re Beautiful,” is about self-confidence and realizing that you are beautiful. Devon's videos, website, and blog all have to do with bullying, self-confidence, and staying positive. She is inspiring people all over. She said, “I think you just have to keep going. You decide what your day is going to be like. If you focus on the bad it will be bad but if you choose it can be good.”  Devon is making a movement of positivity through the internet one channel at a time. 

As for the future, Devon wants to go into public speaking and expand her online organization. She said, “Spreading the word and just accepting people is really the best way to help me and everyone else.” She believes everyone is special and has been helping people talk through their problems online and through letters on a regular basis. She has live chats every month and is looking to try and make it a weekly chat where her followers can talk and support each other. 

If you want to learn more about Devon Carrow and what she does check out her website, blog, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Help her spread the love in your community and get the word out.