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Words From an Intern

It’s been a fantastic summer in regards to being able to have the experiences I have had with this internship. When you originally think of the word, “Internship,” you immediately think about doing all the work around an office that the higher up’s don’t want to do, and the worst part is you don’t even usually get paid for doing it!

I honestly can say that I have had a blast interning for VolunTEEN nation over this past summer. At first the work load seemed a bit much for me to handle, and the fact that it was a virtual internship kind of scared me. However, Simone put my mind at ease immediately after we attended the first Skype call. She was very helpful in helping me get going.

Another reason that I liked this internship was the freedom you had to do the work at your own pace. If you were busy and weren’t able to do the work during the day because you were at another job, no problem! You could just get it done at night! There aren’t many internships that offer that kind of freedom. It also helped me to learn to budget my time during the week as well. It gave me the experience of sitting down before the week starts, look at what hours I have to work at one job, look at what my schedule was for VolunTEEN, and then plan out when I was going to get it all done.

Another part that I especially enjoyed, was working on during this internship was the Social Media team. What we did was come up with different ways to help VolunTEEN to get more ‘likes’ on their Facebook page. What we also did, was expand VolunTEEN nation to other social media platforms which was such a fun thing to do and work on.

Over all I had a blast helping youth to find Volunteer opportunities. Putting volunteer opportunities at the finger tips of other people was such a great experience for me, and I encourage anyone to try and do this internship!