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Promoting Service

1. Fliers. I know this sounds like the easiest idea ever but fliers really do help. If you make them creative and attractive, people who normally would not have heard about your project could learn all about it! They can be very inexpensive so they will not drain your funds for the project, and they are an easy way to get your word across. You can get volunteers to hand them out or post them on street corners, in cafes or schools, etc. and spread the word!

2. YouTube Video. Make a funny YouTube video! These can become viral sensations and brings tons of attention to your project. You make a music parody video to reword to describe your project or create a humorous skit. Remember to keep it casual because the videos that are less processed tend to be the funniest. Make it fun!

3. Service Fairs. Go to service fairs! Even though you will have a lot of “competition” for attention, it is a great place to promote your project! People who are attending these fairs obviously want to volunteer so they are the perfect audience for your advertisement. At the fair, go back to #1 and pass out fliers! If you give anything away, people will be more likely to remember your organization/ project.

4. Group T-shirts. If you come up with a cute, creative t-shirt for members of your organization, you can attract attention by wearing them before the event. If you get small local businesses to advertise their business on your shirt, your group can get the shirts for free! This would mean free advertisement for your event and your group would get free shirts! Also, if your group wears the shirts at the event, it will make your group look like a cohesive unit.

5. Facebook Events. I’m sure you’re sick of events constantly popping up on your Facebook news feed. However, it would be a great idea to remind your friends or your friends’ friends about your event! Encourage members of your group to RSVP “yes” to the event to further promote your project. If people see that their friends are going to the event, they will be more likely to check it out. Facebook is a great free resource!