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Running Through Goals

Margaret Gilroy, elected for Glamour Magazine Top 10 College Women, is stepping up and proves why she deserves to be on the list. Whether she is founding her local Girls on the Run Program, or helping with the Naval Academy Freshmen, Margaret is on a roll.

Where did she get her inspiration? Girl Scouts. Margaret's mother was her troop leader when she was a little girl and the dedication, leadership, and goal setting helped her become the amazing person she is today. It is also why she has such a deep connection with the organization, Girls on the Run. She says, “It's a lot like Girls Scouts. You make goals and you fulfill them. Girls on the Run just has an healthy living style too.”

Girls on the Run is an organization that trains young girls to run a 5k. It is different than a regular track team, because these sessions start out with a life lesson. It is all about self-confidence and through this program, girls are able to do have the courage to run these races. She says, “You see all the kids like the really tall athletic one, the short little preppy one, all coming together and talking the shy nerdy one. It's really neat.” The connections these girls have through the program carry into their elementary and middle school careers. This means they have connections and it brings more of them together.

You can help too. Margaret is in charge of the Naval Academy's program but you can find a Girls on the Run program around you and help out. Margaret says, “They can never really have enough. If you have 12 girls and 6 assistant coaches then you can have two girls per coach. This just gives more one on one for the girls.” But do not stop there. Running is one of Margaret's passions; she is even on the varsity team at the Naval Academy and plans to run 100 marathons (she already has 11 under her belt). Let her be your inspiration for finding your passion. She says, “No idea is too big. A lot of time people get creative ideas that they think are too big or to complicated. But no idea is too complicated, if it is a good one.”

As for Margaret, she is continuing to work hard for not the Girls on the Run but also fulfilling her dreams to be one of the first female submariners.