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Allie's Mission to Help

Lachelle Thiesse is one proud mother of her daughter, Allie.  Allie has been part of many charities around her community.  She participated in Alex’s Lemonade Stand that included seven lemonade stands in Madison, South Dakota. 

A family started it after their daughter passed away.  She has also had her own Lemonade Stand outside of a Wal-Mart where she raised money to get supplies for her local Humane Society.  She also sewed flannel blankets to give to the Humane Society.  On her 14th birthday, instead of receiving presents she decided to have a food drive.  She would rather donate food for the Humane Society than get something for herself.  She said, “I had everything I wanted.”  In middle school, she also helped out with the Special Olympics and participated in a church program where they did community service in Puerto Rico.  Now at 16, she helped kids affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma by talking to her church about donating supplies throughout the month of June.

She is now working on a project that she never thought would get as much attention as it is getting.  Allie started Walter’s Warriors because of one of her classmates, Adam Walter, is currently going through chemotherapy. He is required to go out of his town 5 days a week for his check-ups, which is a lot of gas money on top of the money they are paying for treatment.  Allie understood how much of a financial and emotional toll this family was going through. Adam Walter’s humbleness made her more adamant to create Walter’s Warriors.  She told him about the idea to make t-shirts and he replied by basically telling her she doesn’t need to and that she can do what she wants.  She designed the shirt and has been selling them for $15.  Currently every baseball team in South Dakota has a shirt due to Adam’s participation on the baseball team and they are being sold in even neighboring states!  On the front of this shirt there is a quote by Martin Luther King Jr: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where they stand in moments of comfort or confidence, but where they stand in times of challenge.”  Adam’s parents have no idea.

Allie’s love for people and animals is an important aspect of her life.  She wants the world to know that this generation is not a lazy generation but a generation that cares a lot about their community.

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