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Turning the Other Cheek

Levi Fallavollita, 13, of Tucson, Arizona was a victim of bullying in the 5th grade. After experiencing verbal and physical abuse, Levi decided that he would tell his story about bullying by writing a book, “The Good, The Bad, and The Bullies.”

Levi was not new to publishing books, as he had published a book called, “Why a Boy Should Marry His Dog.” The book explained why a dog would be better than a wife. The money earned from the book sales goes towards animal shelters. His third book, “Be Courageous,” contains stories from people who experienced bullying, and how it was handled. The book covers different bullying aspects such as racial intolerance, labeling, jealousy, and more.

Also a reporter for Bear Essential News, Levi has his own column in the Vail Voice, a local paper. He will also partner with the Arizona Attorney General’s office to write opinion pieces on their anti-bullying columns in Bear Essential News. In addition, Levi has launched an anti-bullying  Youth Advisory Panel in Tucson, which is composed of a panel of kids committed to empowering others to stand up to bullying. He has a goal to set up Youth Advisory Panels all over the country.

On top of those great things, Levi runs anti-bullying workshops and visits schools and organizations. He talks about bullying from every aspect: victim and not-victim. “I encourage kids to get involved and not to be a bystander because they just might save a life,” he explained.

Out of all he has done, Levi says that he has two equal achievements of which he is proud. One is making it as one of the finalists for the Peace First Prize. He is currently waiting to for the results of that, but says that he is proud to have made it to the finals, considering what other amazing things young people in our country are doing. His other proud achievement is going on the House Floor with Congressman Ron Barber in May. Going as his guest,  Levi got to learn about how our country’s voting process works and he also got to meet other congress members who were interested in what he does.

Levi says the biggest inspiration that keeps him doing what he does is “when kids tell me how much my project means to them and when parents tell me that I helped their child.”