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Ecoviate Kickstarter Campaign

Attempting to make the earth a cleaner place is a big challenge. Trying to raise $18,000 for the device to do so is an even bigger challenge and part of Ecoviate, a green technology company’s, plan to clean up the environment. The CO2ube is a unique device that attaches to a car’s exhaust pipe and purifies the air as it comes out.  Monday July 22, the company will announce the beginning of its Kickstarter crowd-funding project, where they hope to raise the money necessary to develop the CO2ube.  

Ecoviate co-founder Param Jaggi explains, “We hope to be able to meet our funding goals, while in parallel be able to spark an unprecedented green-initiative. I think I am a part of a generation that will be willing to make a change in the world- a generation that will not wait for societal approval. Cleaning the environment is a problem that has to be solved. Whether it is us, or our children, someone has to be able to take the first step. Ecoviate hopes to facilitate this process with the CO2ube. “

Yet, the crowd-funding project goes beyond new technology as it focuses on making everyone part of the development process. Anyone who donates $35 receives a CO2ube for his or her exhaust pipe and for a $55 donation, it will come engraved. Param points out, he is excited about “being able to use the sense of community to change the world. As humans, we need to understand that cleaning the environment and truly making a change is a collective effort. By using crowd-funding, we hope to unite individuals that strive to take steps to sustain a cleaner world.”

As Ecoviate prepares to launch the fundraising project, they still have a few words for anyone out there focused on spreading their own message. Param says, “You do not have to be old and have an education to change the world. All you need is an aspiration to see a better world and take steps towards reaching that. Even just a Facebook 'share' or a tweet can go a long way in spreading awareness of our Kickstarter campaign that could one day change the world.”

Adapting current technology to protect our planet is a major project but Ecoviate hopes with a little help from an amazing community, it is one that can be accomplished one exhaust pipe at a time.