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Lighting the Fire

While keeping “teens-in-action” is often a common goal of many organizations, Campfire USA goes above-and-beyond in making sure the youth stay active. Lauren Lampe, an outstanding member of the national council for Campfire USA, says, “The organization’s focus has always been youth-wide, we focus on the tools.” In other words, the organization addresses a difficult step often overlooked: the process. 

Campfire USA helps not only to support teens, but to keep them going, helping them create their own goals. Lampe, a member for 15 years, describes Campfire USA as an organization that motivates and supports teens wishing to make a difference. “We help them find their passion, and stick with it,” Lampe adds. Campfire USA, stretching nation-wide, has put up several opportunities for teens to get involved in their local community. The organization presents a focus on environmental work, but stretches to address a number of issues, putting the world in focus. 

Lampe, who first joined the organization when she was 6, was moved by the organization’s desire to give back to the world. When asked to address teens about the essence of the organization, she says that everyone should be able to “lift their voice, find their mind, find a spark in their soul”- which is exactly what Campfire USA does. She now serves on the organization’s cabinet, with over 17 other youths, and helps communicate with other members across the nation.

Lampe, with the organization, hopes to expand their curriculum, involve more youth, and continue providing a powerful presence across the nation in the future. In addition, they hope to expand their “stand up, stand out” campaign- encouraging teens to be original. Lamp says “We all want to change the lives of youth everywhere. That’s what Campfire USA is here for, we want to provide those opportunities. We want to give teens those tools.”