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Women Deliver

Women Deliver is an organization that works towards “bringing together voices from around the world to call for action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women”.  They use corporate partners, global conferences, and regional consultations to educate others and help bring about women equality around the world.  A large part of their work includes lowering the mortality rates of women and young girls due to childbirth and pregnancy.  With such a large-scale issue that is mostly found in areas very far from our own homes, some teens may wonder, “what can I do to help? “ To answer that question, I went to Lindsay Menard-Freeman, the advocacy and communications manager of Women Deliver.

First, I asked Lindsay why teens should be interested in Women Deliver’s cause in the first place, to which she responded, “We have recently scaled up our work with young people.”  She then described how their work with women has had a large focus with the health of young women around the world.  What many of us don’t realize is that many female teens around the world die from birth related causes.  This is a reality that many of us in the US and other advanced countries aren’t familiar with, and yet it is a very important social issue involving equality between sexes.

How can teens become involved?  Lindsay mentioned that the agency has intern opportunities for college students, which would include working with organizations such as the UN.  This position, she says, is for “anyone who is interested in global health and understanding how to get the issues out there, work with partnerships, and affect change in this global health issue through teamwork”. Lindsay also explained that there are many ways teens and young adults can get involved from their own homes.  Tasks include educating yourself and others about issues of women health and equality around the world.  She encourages the use of social media by following their blog, twitter, and signing up for their newsletter.  Reposting articles involving issues with women’s health and equality are also encouraging, as we must educated others, not only ourselves. 

Also, by helping Women Deliver, one would also be helping resolve issues involving HIV, family planning, and other worldwide health issues.  In the year 2000, the UN set 8 goals that will expire in 2015.  One of these goals is to reduce maternal mortality.  It is imperative to get this goal moving.  In Lindsay’s words, “just have the courage to understand these global health issues, because this is the world we have.  We have to think of the next generation, and we have the power to shape the future… We need young, fresh, passionate people, because there is a lot to do”.

If you want to learn more about Women Deliver, visit the website. If you want to find out how you can get involved, go to the ‘take action’ tab and look at the many possibilities to make a difference!