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30 Days of Service

Brad Jamison, a media executive turned community service leader, promoted and organized social awareness campaigns for Disney, before he left to take part in something more fulfilling. 30 Days of Service began as a fun project to do in extra time, but it ended up inspiring Brad to challenge himself to reach out to the community and better the world.

For 30 consecutive days, Brad served different organizations or causes in his community each day. He wanted to experience as many types of service as possible. Brad explains, “I wanted to get out there and try different opportunities to see what works for me… I saw my city in a very different way. It was important for me to have an open mind going into it.”

Brad found that the impact made by the 30 Days of Service was profound in his community, but also in himself. He describes the transformation, “I really was, in ways, surprised by the impact the service made on me. My outlook, compassion, and empathy took a different shape. You really reach beyond your comfort zone.”

This transformation inspired Brad to get others involved in service. He created the website,, where he defines service and explains how to become involved in volunteering. The website features a blog that highlights each of Brad’s 30 Days of Service. It also encourages others to share their volunteer stories.

Brad believes that everyone should be involved and that it’s easy to find volunteer opportunities. He encourages youth to use online services or ask church youth group leaders or friends and family about getting involved in service.

“Everyone should be involved. It gives you a more accurate perspective of the world. What better way to set up a lifetime of success than by getting in touch with what’s going on in the world,” Brad says.

Brad is still very involved in service and is passionate about getting others involved as well. He plans to continue to spread word about the website and collect people’s volunteer stories.

To learn more about 30 Days of Service visit or like the movement on Facebook. Share your volunteer story here.