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Turning Experiences into Opportunities

Devika Menon’s future involves leadership thanks to the Lindenwood Lion’s Pride Summit. The Summit teaches teens what leadership is, and it teaches teens how to apply leadership skills in society towards helping others. Devika, 15, joined the program because “It looked very interesting and fun. Also, it was a leadership camp, and I hadn't ever gone to one of those before.”

Devika recognizes that the program has left a huge impact on her. Devika says, “It allowed me to explore the non-profit sector, something I didn't even realize had that much of an impact. It really has inspired me to get involved in my community and take charge.”


She says she became inspired by meeting numerous people who did volunteer work  for a living. After meeting inspirational people, she decided that she wanted to make an impact in her community. Devika has begun planning volunteer opportunities for her community. She is most excited about her trip to Joplin, Missouri next year. In Joplin, Devika will help rebuild the towns that had been hit by a tornado a few years ago.


The Lion’s Pride Summit program has inspired Devika to reach out to her community to help those who are in need. She also says that the program has made her think about how the younger generation needs to get involved. This inspired her to join a youth committee in her community. By joining the youth committee, Devika and fellow committee members will be able to create volunteer opportunities that are directed specifically for the youths of her community.


The Lindenwood Lion’s Pride Summit has inspired Devika to become a future leader in our society. This young leader is taking her experiences from the summit program and applying them to inspire other youths to get involved.

If Devika’s story has inspired you, check with your community’s town hall office and see if they offer any youth volunteer positions. If there are none, talk to someone about creating a board that is youth-led.