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From Robots to Glamour

Grace Young, one of Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women of 2013, is not only an aspiring engineer, but is also a dedicated volunteer. Many people say that it is very difficult for women to get into the engineering or “hard science” fields. Grace felt that everyone in MIT and at other schools was very encouraging and that she never felt discriminated against for being a girl.

However, Grace believes that it may be more difficult for young girls to get interested in science in comparison to boys. For example, someone told Grace that they do not want to become an engineer because they want a career in which they talk to people. Despite this belief, engineering, especially, is a team-oriented field where you need to communicate with numerous people in order to get the job done. For Grace, she says that having an open mind is very important, because you will never know if you like something until you try it!

Glamour Magazine had a competition among the nominations for the Top 10 College Women and interviewed all of the women. When Grace was selected, she went to New York City for an all-day photo shoot. She said that it was a very cool experience because she was able to meet some great girls with whom she would love to keep in touch. Grace said that the magazine spotlight did not majorly change her life but her family and friends were extremely supportive.

Since high school, Grace has been mentoring younger girls on robotics teams and was an integral part in starting a rookie robotics team for middle school girls. Right now, Grace is working with her high school teacher to connect MIT mentors with aspiring women scientists in the Congo and Rwanda to help them get involved. Overall, Grace believes that it is very important to volunteer because you can meet a diversity of people and help others.

Grace has many future plans including working with Fabien Cousteau on “Mission 31,” an underwater expedition off the coast of Key Largo in October. Grace will graduate in June 2014 and then will continue her studies in grad school. She hopes to keep in touch with the students she meets in the Congo and Rwanda to help them continue to succeed in science.