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Young and Accomplished

Have you ever met a well accomplished person that never has free time due to their commitments?  Was she 15 years old?  Kendra is a 15 year old who has more volunteer experience than the average teenager.  Her dedication to community service deserves much recognition.

As a Senior Girl Scout, she earned her silver award in August 2011 because of her event “It’s Your Life, Protect It.”  In this event she was inspired by Amos Johnson, a father of a young teen who lost her life after receiving a text message while driving.  At the event his daughter’s car was on display as evidence that distracted driving is real and can happen to anyone. Kendra was also honored with the 2012 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.  She received it because her project was in the top 10% in their state.   

Kendra also does PSA contests for many different causes occasionally; one PSA involved drunk driving.  Although she does many service events with girl scouts she makes a habit of volunteering outside of the scouts as well.  She is a Youth Mobstir for ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation).  As a Youth Mobstir, Kendra helps writes articles and coordinates with 5 other youths on projects.  Some projects she has done for ISF are Overfishing and X-mas Tree Recycling Project. 

She is a part of the Kids Army Kids, where she makes a trip twice a year to Atlanta for the meeting through her participation as a Mobstir for ISF.  She recently submitted her proposal for her gold award for her second event.  This event will be much larger than her event in August of 2011.   She has become part of “Kids are Heroes” because of her fight against many teen issues like texting and driving and bullying.  She will be attending the event in September.

Kendra is 15 years old, fully committed to bettering our world, her accomplishments speak for the dedication she has for community service.  Have you been inspired?  Check her out on twitter! @RamtasticTeen, @JrBobsArmyMbr, and @ISF_KidsArmy_NC!