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TEAM NFL United Way

Have you ever thought about trying to help reverse the high school drop out rate among teens? While the graduation rate is on the rise, there is still a need to bring awareness about the issue. 

The NFL is working with United Way Worldwide to bring you TEAM NFL, a student representative program to help cut the current drop out rate (1.2 million) in half and to recruit and encourage other volunteers to join the cause.  We were able to contact Patrick Creedon, NFL project manager at United Way Worldwide, and ask him a few questions about what you can do to apply and become a student representative for an NFL team near you. Through this process teens have the opportunity to help cut the drop out rate in half. Here were a few questions and responses we were able to get from Patrick:

Q: How close do students need to be to an NFL area in order to be considered?

A: A student can apply outside the NFL market, but should be located in a nearby, neighboring city. Last year we had representatives selected from all over the country based purely upon talent as opposed to their geographical location.

We had one individual in Texas working with the New York Giants; however, after last year we learned those representatives that were the most effective in recruiting volunteers resided in or close by their NFL market. Leveraging the NFL team to recruit volunteers is much easier when you're talking to die-hard fans that are from the area.

Q: How many students will you select per NFL team?

A: We are ideally looking for one outstanding individual for each NFL Team to serve as the primary contact for a given NFL market. Depending on certain circumstances, this has the possibility of being increased to more than one. This is a TEAM effort and sometimes two really is better than one!

Q: Is this a 9 month volunteer opportunity? Can a student apply again?

A: The program will run all the way through the NFL season and into next June. You will get out of it what you put in. Two representatives from last year, myself included, now work at United Way Worldwide in Washington DC!

Patrick also wanted us to highlight the main goal of this program, which is to recruit 99,000 volunteer readers, mentors and tutors who raise education awareness of the high school drop out rates in our nation. America's graduation rate ranks 21st in the world; 40 years ago we were number one! It’s time for you to join the cause! For more information you can also go to the United Way Worldwide’s website