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Writing Your Story

“Find a cause you believe. That is going to be the most fulfilling," says Marie Hoffman Jones of Power Poetry.

Power Poetry is working to give youth a voice. They offer a unique opportunity for people to write about what they care about in a poetic form. The organization lets teens express themselves in a form that most people unknowingly and naturally do. All the while, it educates people about national current events.

Marie Hoffman Jones, Digital Program Coordinator, explains why Power Poetry is important, “Our motto is that 'If you don't learn to write your own life story, someone else will write it for you'.[Words from the founder]” Marie continued to explain how Power Poetry is not just for the seasoned writer, but also those who just need an outlet to express themselves and their opinions about serious topics. Power Poetry dares you to make the controversial statements that get discussion going. 

Power Poetry does not stop there, they also encourage youth to volunteer. They have partners like: BAVC, CPB, and Google Nonprofit Guarantee. These partners and Power Poetry provide a wide range of volunteer opportunities that anyone can do. “Giving back is extremely important, and a sustainable way to be happy and do stuff for others. That's how I feel about volunteering,” Marie says.

Power Poetry is not only gives teens an opportunity to do well in their communities, but they also reward them. The organization has a variety of different scholarships, grants, and prizes. Almost everyone is eligible for some kind of reward. “We don't specify whether it is has to be a 4-year institution or even graduate school. We offer them for anyone between the ages of 13-25,” Marie explains they lack of prerequisites to apply for the majority of the rewards. This makes sure that even if people don't have a straight shot at college they still have somewhere to go and get help.

Power Poetry is an amazing organization celebrating the voice of today’s youth. The organization works to get youth to discuss and write about difficult topics and thoughts. Find out more or begin your own poem by going to Power Poetry's website.