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Giving Back Through Song

Micah Schure, 20, was recently named as one of Glamour Magazine's Top Ten College Women. Glamour has acknowledged Micah for her outstanding singing voice. While singing across the country and meeting famous musicians, she also studies Communications and Marketing with an emphasis in Public Relations at Emerson College.

Even with a busy schedule, Micah has still found time to serve her community. She explains, “Music and lyrics are such a powerful tool to connect with millions of people. It is such a powerful medium to tell a story. People love hearing their lives unfold in someone else's words, and that is what I do (or hope to do) with my music”.

There are many ways to give back to others, and Micah’s way is with music. She says that through music, she has helped both herself and others. She is able to work hard doing what she loves. Being surrounded by people who work hard has influenced Micah to do the same, they have helped shape who she is, and they inspire her to be the best that she can be.

Another way that Micah gives back is by being a caring person to those close to her. “I think one of the best ways to give back is by being supportive of the people around us”, said Micah. The best way to do that is by, “being in tune with what's going on in my friend and family's lives and watching out for their well being”.

Micah is not giving back in a typical way. She has found something that she loves to do and she can share her passion with others. Whether it is by inspiring individuals, relating to others problems, or just giving people music to enjoy; Micah has found a way to make an impact on others.

To listen to Micah’s music or find out more about her, visit her website.