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Going for the Gold

After earning the Girl Scout Silver Award, Carly Beard knew she wanted to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award a girl scout can earn. She would need to create a project proposition that fulfilled all the required elements and propose it to the council. If approved, she would need to complete the project and submit a final project. If this all went well, she would earn the award.

When I asked her how she got the idea for her project she didn’t hesitate to answer. “It only made sense that because history was my passion I would give back to the community through history. I think a lot of teens end up doing canned food drives or other projects they don’t have any interest in. If you invest time and energy into a community service project you care about you will not only enjoy it, but you’ll make a more significant impact on your community,” says Carly.

Carly ended up creating a website for her project, throughMYeyes. The website includes a database full of personal interviews she conducted with individuals who had been present for historical events. Carly got the idea for her project in eighth grade when Napoleon Carter, an African American Vietnam veteran, had come to her history class to tell his story. She had always remembered what he shared, so Carly made him her first interviewee. She then added many other interviews to her website, including one with Eva Kor, a holocaust survivor who was experimented on by the infamous Nazi scientist Dr. Mengele. This was one of Carly’s favorite interviews. She explains how profound it was that Eva Kor’s story was actually a story of forgiveness.

In the end, throughMYeyes was approved, and Carly finally earned her Girl Scout Gold Award. Carly was ‘tickled to join the ranks’ of the other Girl Scouts to achieve the award. Since her achievement, Carly has continued to add more interviews to the database and her website, including a step-by-step process for others to conduct and add their own interviews. She hopes throughMYeyes will inspire other people to talk to their elders, family members and teachers, to preserve their incredible stories.

To learn more about throughMYeyes, visit the website Carly created.