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Music of the Heart

In 2010, Suneil Kamath launched his organization, Music of the Heart (MOTH). Through MOTH, Suneil hopes to give all children the opportunity to experience music. A talented violinist, Suneil volunteered at a local hospital and played for the patients as a child. He was amazed at how the patients responded to the music and discovered its healing powers. His experience with the patients, along with a trip to India, where he found that music in schools is practically nonexistent, inspired Suneil to spread the gift of music to all children.

His organization creates many programs, which bring music to children. Suneil’s favorite program is Hip-Hop Education and Learning (HEAL), an after-school program for at-risk youth where they express their emotions and frustrations through their music. It can help these individuals channel their talent into something constructive and positive.

Suneil attends college at Case Western Reserve University. He has had to adjust to running this organization while taking college-level courses. He said that it has taken a while, but he is now able to manage classes and work on MOTH. Suneil found it extremely helpful to create to-do lists, so he could prioritize his responsibilities. He encourages other active youth to do the same. In the future, Suneil hopes to expand Music of the Heart’s domestic and international influence by creating more programs to impact youth in education and health.

Suneil believes that volunteering can do a lot for young individuals. Not only does it make you feel good when you give back to others, it also opens the door to many new and exciting opportunities. For example, you meet many new people and develop skills that are essential a successful future. Through his organization, Suneil has developed a deep understanding that all people deserve the same amenities in life even if you come from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

If you want to get involved in Music of the Heart, you can become a year-round blogger or apply for a fall internship in August. To contact Suneil about volunteering opportunities, send him an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To lean more about the organization, follow the movement on Twitter or like their page on Facebook.