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Jacob’s Wish

At the age of thirteen, Sydney Copeland recently finished her third annual stuffed animal drive for her charity, Jacob’s Wish.  Jacob was a boy who died of cancer at the age of seven.  As he suffered, he did everything he could to try and comfort patients who also struggled with cancer. 

Jacob started to collect pillow pets by asking people to help donate money for them and distributed them throughout the country.  Sydney mirrored his idea by holding two week annual drives where she also collects pillow pets and money to buy red wagons.  Sydney understands the pain and suffering children with cancer go through. She hopes to do the best she can to cheer them up. 

Unfortunately at the age of thirteen, Sydney can’t go visit patients because it is required to be fifteen years of age or older to visit them in the hospital.  She wants to make this charity at least nationwide; right now the drives are local.  Sydney encouraged one of her friends to do a charity in their city which was successful. This was the first step of growth towards a nationwide charity.

Recently, Sydney was presented with a proclamation from the Mayor of Dayton. She was able to speak at the city council meeting, which was a nerve wrecking, yet exciting experience for her.

If you are inspired by Sydney’s story, go visit her Fan Page on Facebook. To get in contact her you can send her an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If Jake and Sydney can make a difference, so can you.  Be inspired.