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One Girl Helping Another

“It was literally one little girl helping another,” says Kendall Ciesemier as she explains what started Kids Caring for Kids. This organization is dedicated to helping kids all over the world. The organization began with a focus on children’s poverty in Africa, by partnering up with different existing organizations and helping to raise money. It is now a national organization helping thousands of kids. All of this started with one little girl.

Kendall Ciesemier was eleven years when she saw a documentary that would change her life.  

“I had seen poverty and hunger before but not to this extent. I just couldn’t believe it. I just had to help,” Kendall says.

She took all of her savings and ran to her mother. Her mother thought it was too much money to be giving away, but Kendall was determined to sponsor the little girl she found online. From that point on she started fundraising anywhere she could. As her fundraisers grew bigger and bigger, Kids Caring for Kids was born.

“It wasn’t really planned. It just kind of happened” Kendall explains. Although the organization wasn’t planned, Kids Caring for Kids has taken off and helped thousands. Kids can get involved with the organization by consulting the tips on how to implement fundraisers in their school. They can also reach out to Kendall if need be.

“They [youth] can just contact me if they need any help,” Kendall encourages.

She hopes that her organization will stay strong whether she is in charge of it 100% of the time or not. When it comes to Kendall herself, one of her biggest dreams is to have her own talk show someday in order to spread the spirit of service.

“I always want to be a part of it in some way, whether that is at the head or just orchestrating a couple of events,” Kendall explains her urgency to stay involved.

Learn more about Kendall and her charity, Kids Caring for Kids by visiting her website.