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Katie’s Krops

To make Papa Stag’s Eggplant Delish, you need 3 Japanese eggplants, breadcrumbs, some olive oil, eggs and seasoning. Then, just follow Katie Stagliano’s family recipe.  While Papa Stag’s Eggplant Delish is Katie’s favorite recipe to cook, she’s focused on a bigger project. Katie is the six-teen year old founder of Katie’s Krops, an organization that grows and donates vegetables to feed the hungry all across the United States. 

Katie’s organization sprouted when she was in third grade after she received a cabbage seedling. After planting the seed, her cabbage continued to grow (up to 40 lbs!), and so did her love of gardening. Soon she realized she could use her passion to help others.

 “I had one garden, no money and a dream. I relied on donated plants and borrowed tillers,” Katie says.

Now, Katies Krop’s has amazing supporters like Disney’s Friends for Change. The organization is even holding a camp for attendees to learn new growing techniques.

While Katie loves her garden, she says her favorite part, so far, has been Katie’s Krop Dinners. At these events, Katie and her volunteers make meals for families in need.

“I love being able to give healthy, fresh food to those in need. It’s great to see everything go full circle; from planting the seedling to seeing it turned into a healthy, fresh meal. I also love to meet the families from the dinners. They’re all so nice and supportive, some of them have become our best volunteers, “ Katie notes.

Katie hopes that in 10 years Katie’s Krops will have a garden in every single state. She also hopes to begin spreading the movement around the world, a dream that may not be that far off.  This past fall, Katie was honored by the Clinton Global Initiative and was introduced by Actor Matt Damon. Katie describes the experience as surreal.

“Whether you’re 9 or 99, you can make a difference in the world. If you start small, you’ll never know where it can lead too,” Katie advises.

For Katie it all started with a cabbage seedling. Now, she gets to make Papa Stag’s Eggplant Delish as she perfects her recipe to ending world hunger. To find out more about Katie's Krops, check out the website.