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From Ewe to You

Inspiration to service others can come at the most seemingly ordinary of times. For me, it was a day out running errands with my mother. While stopped at a light, I spotted a homeless man. Our eyes locked and in that moment I could see past the dirty clothing to the man he was. Thoughts of the man plagued me throughout the day.

When I returned home I looked up homeless statistics in my area and was shocked at how high they were. At this point I had a choice- I could continue with my life the way it was, or I could do something to help. I knew I wanted to help, but what could I do? When I watched my mother crochet an afghan that night, the idea of From Ewe to You was born. We make, collect, and donate handmade items such as blankets and scarves to local shelters and hospitals.

The toughest part of creating my own charity was getting the word out. I thought people would eagerly join my cause, but it turned out that not many people wanted to listen to the ideas of a thirteen year old. I realized that many people could not understand the position of the homeless, and that I would have to educate others before I could expect them to help me.  

I brought friends with me to local shelters and created a website that would spread my message across the country.  More help followed, and today I am proud to say that I receive donations almost daily and am able to make monthly donations to the needy in my area.

If you want to create your own community service project, you first have to figure out what you're passionate about. Your passion will inspire your work and your enthusiasm for the cause will help your work grow. If you truly feel for your cause, others will know. Do not get discouraged if at first you are not met with the reception you were hoping for. If you are persistent enough you will eventually find someone who will help you. Never underestimate the power of educating others. Helping others understand your platform will make them more likely to assist in your cause. The most important advice I can give is to never give up, because you can make a difference, and you can change the world.