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Cards of Hope

“We [youth] are fearless and we aren’t afraid to strive for big things. The fear of failing doesn’t scare us,” said Jen Rubino, the recent high school graduate and founder of Cards for Hospitalized Kids Charity. Jen has proven this statement true time and time again. 

Starting when she was 16 years old, Jen was hospitalized for a surgery due to a chronic disease she was diagnosed with when she was 11. The disease required multiple surgeries and treatments. The frequent hospitalizations made her upset and frustrated because it took time from things like school, sports, and much more. However, one day a volunteer eased theses frustrations. The volunteer at the hospital gave her a card and a blanket.

Jen was so touched that she started making cards herself. She partnered with community organizations, like the public library, to hold card-making events for children in hospitals. Her hard work and dedication proved that anything is possible. Her charity is now at a national level, but Jen isn’t going to stop there.  

“Right now I am in the process of really making some big changes and taking it to the next level.  We are expanding to not just making cards but offering other support to hospitalized kids,” Jen said. 

Jen went on to explain that through the organization’s new website, she wants to expand more into inspiring kids and teens to give back. She explained, “Lifting others up is the best way to lift yourself up, and I’ve seen that first hand.”

Jen also plans to begin motivational speaking and she plans to write a book about the charity and her own personal struggles. 

“I think this is something that young people forget a lot; that the things that we accomplished and things we do, we can’t do it without the help of others, and we can’t do without support,” Jen said. This is why Jen believes we should all help out. It doesn’t matter if it is something small, but as long as you are doing something that helps or supports someone.

You can read more about Jen Rubino and her charity on her website and like her on Facebook. Follow the organization on Twitter: @Crds4HosptlKids