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Teens Going Green

Param Jaggi, 18, wanted to make a change in the world. He recognized that with the present systems of environmental organization and energy use, the future on Earth wasn’t looking well. His first step to make change was to become the founder of EcoViate. EcoViate is working to produce green technologies. According to the company website these technologies will be “inexpensive,” “efficient,” and “completely disposable.”

“We focus on micro-green-technologies that are not only effective to use, but are completely disposable. This way our technologies are consumer friendly and are inexpensive,” says Param.

Param is a Junior at Vanderbilt University where he is studying Mechanical Engineering & Economics. Param first became interested in green technologies when he was 13. In the last five years, Param has created various technologies that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Because of his efforts, Param was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy category in 2012 and 2013.

Param encourages other youth to get involved in green technologies because, “We were given one planet to live on. We are all a part of this one planet and we have to ensure a more secure and viable society for our future generations.”

Param has enjoyed working with a team of compatible individuals who also hope to see an increase in the use of micro-green-technologies. His long-term plans for EcoViate are to “Create a cleaner and more sustainable planet to live on. Deplete global pollution. And hopefully have some fun in the process.”

The next step for Ecoviate is to get their products to consumers. Param recognizes the power of youth in expanding green technologies. He is looking for youth to help him with this task. The average age of team members at EcoViate is 18.

“We are looking for young individuals to add to our team to help us get our products out to the market, spread the word, and develop the technologies itself,” says Param.

Param has learned to be proactive with the things he believes in, whether it is green technologies or not. No matter what the cause, “Don't wait for others to make a change- stand up to people who doubt you and see the difference you want to be made. Make sure you have some time to enjoy your youth while you're at it,” Param advises.

To get learn more about EcoViate, check out the blog. To get involved in the movement, contact the team.