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Teenage Entrepreneur

Jaylen Bledsoe, 15, is no amateur in the business world. Starting his own company in 2011, Jaylen has learned to balance his business responsibilities while attending high school. It took him almost two years to get his company off the ground with help from Attorney Paul R. Hayes who exchanged legal representation for optimization on his firm’s website. Even though his company offers many services, Jaylen says that he enjoys web development and IT the most because they were the reasons he wanted to start Bledsoe Technologies, LLC in the first place.

Jaylen is an influential role model to all young individuals who aspire to create their own business. He attributes his success to his fearlessness. Jaylen says if you act like an adult, you will be treated as an adult.

“The key technique to owning a company is developing strong networking skills. Since I have started the company, I haven’t been afraid to speak with anyone in ‘Corporate America,’” Jaylen said.

Giving back to his community in St. Louis through donations or community service is very important to Jaylen. Currently, Jaylen is working with other local corporations to start a youth entrepreneurship non-profit group which helps unprivileged children and teenagers understand the ins and outs of the business world. With Jaylen’s help, participants in this organization have the option to present their ideas to a group of venture capitalists that may choose to fund their projects.

Jaylen has also taken a role in service outside of his local community. He is a board member at the National Youth Rights Association in Washington DC which recently won an amendment in Takoma Park, MD which lowers the city voting age to 16.

Community outreach is extremely important to Jaylen. He believes that a company’s main goal should not be to make profit. Even though money is vital to a company’s success, giving back to the community should be the main goal.

This year, Jaylen transferred from public school to MICDS, a competitive private school in St. Louis, MO. Although because Jaylen did not obtain a level of success academically that he was content with, he will be returning to public school in the fall. Jaylen said that he has learned how to balance his schoolwork with his tasks for Bledsoe Technologies, LLC. He plans to attend Harvard University after high school and continue to run his company. To Jaylen, school work comes first. He said that if he lacks the time to fully commit to Bledsoe Technologies, LLC, he will hire someone to manage the company on his behalf. 

To learn more about Jaylen’s story and his success with Bledsoe Technologies, LLC, check him out on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.