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Be An America’s Promise Ambassador

Are you aware that one teenager drops out of school every 28 seconds? How much do you know about the drop out crisis going on in schools around the United States? Have you ever wished you could do something to make an impact in the drop-out rate? 

Devont’e Watson is working with Simone Bernstein and Ritanker Das to create the America’s Promise Ambassador Program. They hope to encourage other young people to join the Grad Nation movement. Grad Nation is composed of dedicated individuals that are trying to end the drop out crisis in the United States.

On Sunday, June 9, 2013, this group is having their first conference call where you can learn about the movement and the America’s Promise Alliance. America’s Promise Alliance is working with Grad Nation and other sponsors to encourage youth to join the movement to help increase graduation rates. At the conference call, you can here about the topics discussed at the Grad Nation conference and learn how to join the America’s Promise Alliance new Ambassadors Program. 

Devont’e wants to centralize the youth in America who are backing this growing program. He also hopes to involve teens in spreading the word about the movement to their local schools and peers. Devont’e hopes to work with stakeholders, educators, and policy makers around the country to make some changes to the education curriculum in order to increase graduation rates.

Devont’e and his team are very excited about this program and look forward to engaging more young people on the conference call on Sunday, June 9, 2013, at 4pm CST (5pm EST). To join the conference dial (409)777-9000 and enter the PIN: 8529378#. Sign-up to be an ambassador!