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Project ORANGS

Project ORANGS (Orangutans Really Appreciate and Need Girl Scouts) started as a small Girl Scout assignment, but with hard work and passion it has grown to be so much more. Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva, recent high school graduates, began advocating for orangutans and other rain forest life when they were in sixth grade. As they graduate from high school this summer, the team has used their dedication and ambition to spread awareness, gain support from their community, receive backing from Dr. Jane Goodall, and change the policy of a 100-year-old organization.

 In an attempt to achieve the Girl Scout Bronze Award, Rhiannon and Madison began looking into issues that they’re community should be aware of.

 “Our research on the endangered orangutan, combined with our passion for service compelled us to found Project ORANGS,” the founders said.

 Project ORANGS has developed extensively over the past 7 years. Madison and Rhiannon recognize that their most significant achievement with the organization was ensuring that Girl Scouts had a palm oil policy. Palm oil is used in a wide range of household goods, but it is attributed to substantial rainforest deforestation.

 Madison and Rhiannon hope that the role they took in informing and serving their community will inspire other youth to do the same.

 “Many people view age as a disadvantage when trying to enact change, but because we are youth, we have the luxury of imagining a vision that appears irrational and we can dream in a way that is not limited by an adult’s perspective,” the founders said.

 Project ORANGS has grown from a small task to a global force. Madison and Rhiannon encourage other youth to start their own projects within their community. They advise, “Find the cause you care about, and start small in your community… Project ORANGS didn’t begin with huge national campaigns; we began in our local community with a homemade poster board.”

 The next step for Project ORANGS is to complete the Girl Scout Gold Award, which remains focused on the rainforest deforestation and the use of palm oil in Girl Scout cookies.

To learn more about Project ORANGS, visit this website