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New York City's Youth-Led Mayoral Debate

Experience is what you make of it. In this case the experience with the Mayor's Youth Led Debate made me conscientious about young people’s roles in New York City. Prior to being involved in the Mayor Youth Led Debate, I had no knowledge surrounding politics. I, similar to other young people, had the idea that the limitation of being young meant our voices didn’t count. Being a part of the Mayor Youth Led Debate allowed me to reevaluate this misconception.

We have to get involved now because what happens today, the young people are directly affected tomorrow. In the program, I was able to learn new information that students my age deal with daily; for example, the stark ways of stop and frisk, and New York City school’s unfair budget breakdown. For two and a half months, the dedicated people on the planning committee and I discussed these extremities we faced. Occasionally we had guest speakers related to those topics such as criminal justice, homelessness, and education.

We have decided to base some of the questions to the candidates at our debate on the content that was discussed. The debate will take place at Hunter College Ida K Lang Recital Hall on May 29th at 6pm. Our goal is to have as much young people in the audience as possible. With Mayor Youth Led Debate representatives on NY1 this Friday, as well as NYTimes covering the event on May 29th, the goal of the Mayor Youth Led Debate will hopefully be achieved. I can say that all of us are hoping for a successful outcome which means that the young people leave with an idea of who the best future mayor of our city is. That way, even if she or he is not old enough to vote, they will know what their environment will consist of. 

The Mayor's Youth Led Debate made me aware of my environment, and coming out to see which candidate will help change the environment for the best will make you aware. The debate is history in the making, and it's time for young adults to be a part of history and May 29th is our chance! I hope to see young faces in the audience because what happens on that day will affect our tomorrow.