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Food Day

Without food, we couldn’t survive.  But the contemporary American diet also presents society with a serious hazard.  Food Day is a year-round, nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots action for better food policies.  It culminates on October 24 every year. Whether Food Day organizers are combating hunger, addressing agricultural policy, or anything in between, they are collaborating on a national effort to strengthen and unify the food movement.

So how can you get involved with this more-than-worthy cause?  The possibilities are endless, but here are some of my favorite ideas:

First, hold a Food Day Youth Debate to engage your peers in topics related to healthy foods, obesity, and food access.  Check out Food Day’s “Questions for Candidates” from 2012 for some topic ideas to start with. You could gather your friends, share a tasty snack, and discuss some of the most pressing issues surrounding food.  Before concluding the debate, be sure to develop a plan for action and decide what steps you will take next in solving the many problems that stem from food.

Additionally, plan a special event for your school’s garden or initiate a plan to create a spring garden.  This will give your school easy access to healthy food, while building a unique environment for learning more about the food in our nation.

Lastly, organize a recipe contest and a taste testing event to select the winning entry.  You could give the chefs an exciting challenge by setting specific guidelines about the required ingredients and a myriad of test testers could be found in a local school. 

“Food Day is an opportunity to celebrate what is going right in our food system, and fix the parts that are broken,” says Catherine Kastleman, a project coordinator for Food Day. “Even if you start small, consider taking action, because food issues affect all of us.” For more information on how to get involved, check out