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Get Involved, Stay Involved

Sometimes we find ourselves searching for a unique volunteer experience, and searching, and searching, and searching. You want to travel and help other countries, groups, organizations, but nothing in your area is offering what you’re looking for. And there are safety concerns, parent’s permission, and you may have never traveled before. There’s a lot of anticipation leading up to a volunteer opportunity like this, and they are out there. Just call on the Blue Bridge Project to help get your traveling volunteering experience underway.

Blue Bridge Project is centered on “transformational travel” a concept developed by Elizabeth Leonard, the founder and president of Blue Bridge. This concept focuses on work with local non-profit organizations, not isolation, and continuing education after your trip is completed. As a student, BBP will work with you to help develop a college essay after your travel, or organize a local fundraiser in alliance with your local nonprofits. After your trip, you’ll have two sessions with BBP leaders to work on applying your experiences to your life back home.

BBP will work with you to apply your summer experience for college or to find other organizations that offer similar experiences, to start planning for next summer. This can help you reach your goal of worldwide travel to make a difference. Whether you’re a rising senior or rising freshman in high school, BBP will help you develop a plan after your trip to keep your goals attainable and keep you succeeding in future volunteer endeavors.

If your parents are still uneasy about you traveling to different areas of the world, BBP will come in to help there as well. BBP has partnered with Global Rescue, who will advise, manage, coordinate, and pay for an evacuation at the point of an emergency, all the way back home. Plus, with BBP working with local nonprofits and having highly trained leaders, your trip is sure to be safe and enjoyable.

So if this sounds like the organization for you, one that lets you travel and keeps you involved after your experience, don’t delay. You can sign up online and get your summer project underway!