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Be a Community Action Hero

Chances are you’ve played with at least one Hasbro toy in your life. Hasbro and generationOn, a national service organization, paired up to recognize youth and teens for their outstanding work in service.

GenerationOn and Hasbro worked together to create the Community Action Heroes campaign, from July 2 to August 20.

Rebecca Webster, Program Associate at generationOn, described this unique opportunity.

Webster became involved with generationOn because she believes that service is activities are extremely empowering.

“Our service campaigns are inspired by real kids and teens, and it’s a thrill to watch their projects inspire others to take action,” Webster said.

So far, more than 3,000 kids and teens have pledged to complete service projects this summer. Youth with the motivation and drive to make a difference are getting involved in this service movement.

“The qualities that we look for in our Action Heroes are innovation, leadership, and outstanding effort. We are inspired by young people who make a big impact in their own creative way,” Webster said.

There are more than 80 summer project ideas listed on the generationOn website. Youth and teens are encouraged to participate in multiple projects. There is a service project for everyone in their eight categories: animals, environment, hunger, homelessness, health, literacy, military, and emergency prep.

Webster encourages any youth who take part in the campaign to keep an eye out for Hasbro Community Action Heroes award nominations on their website.

“Nominations will open in early spring of 2013, so now is the time for heroes to make their mark on the world,” Webster said.

Webster offers advice for community heroes to be a successful part of this campaign:

1. Gather your sidekicks! They could be family members, summer camp buddies, or neighborhood friends. Everyone has their own unique power to contribute. You’ll be more successful and have more fun if you work as a team. Your friends can even lead their own projects and still support each other by giving advice and pooling resources.

2. Don’t get caught without your cape—accessories are everything for heroes. Action Heroes need project instructions, supplies, and permission. Make sure you’ve got everything you need before you start a project and always bring extras! Definitely do not forget the camera. You’ll want good photos when the newspaper reporters come knocking.

3. Look for your signal in the sky—or rather, in your neighborhood. A lot of people want to make a difference in the world but don’t know what to do. Just keep your eyes open in your daily life and see what calls out to you. You’ll do your best work if you’re concentrating on a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.

4. Take off those silly glasses. Heroes often hide behind alter egos and wear disguises. GenerationOn wants you to let your originality shine. Take this opportunity to figure out what your super power is and how to use it to serve the greater good. It’s time to make a bold move and make your mark on the world!

Check out: to get involved! The first 1,000 kids and teens to report back on their service projects will receive a Hasbro toy or gift. At the end of the campaign, generationOn will distribute ten five hundred dollar grants in various project categories.