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A Call to Action – Go On The Hunt

Too often, people believe that teens aren’t able to really make a difference. We’re believed to be lazy, self-absorbed, and oblivious to anything that needs change. Volunteen Nation knows that’s not true, and so does – one of the largest organizations in the U.S. for teens and social change. Their goal is to get teens involved with causes they’re passionate about, and beginning today, July 10, they’re accomplishing that goal through a nationwide activity called The Hunt – 11 days of service challenges that both serve your community and give you chances to win prizes.

“[A scavenger hunt] is a good way to tackle a lot of big issues in a small way, and it's a really fun way to get teens introduced to new causes and ways of being socially active,” said Sydney Cohn, The Hunt’s campaign head. During the 11 days, which stand for the 11 major causes that DoSomething focuses on, participants will receive daily challenges sent right to their cell phone or email address. Each challenge can be completed in under an hour, helps to serve the community, and earns points that help to win prizes and scholarships. The person or team that wins the Grand Prize will be sent to the awards in Los Angeles, where they can mingle with celebrities and other young people determined to make a difference.

Last year, over 75,000 teens participated in The Hunt, and DoSomething hopes to see that number increase in 2012. No matter how successful it is, they want to make sure that after The Hunt is over, teens still continue to serve their communities. “When volunteering on their own, teens should focus on causes they really care about in order to create an impact that resonates with them on a personal level,” said Cohn. “When participating in The Hunt, they should remember that each day offers a new cause to focus on so they'll be able to create impact across a variety of topics that are important.”

Not only will teens be able to make a difference, but also assures that this year’s challenges will be even more fun than last year – and the prizes are cooler as well. Just what the challenges are will remain a secret until the moment that they are revealed each day. Eager to learn about the challenges and start making that change? Sign up today – and beginning today, July 10, go hunting: