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Celebrate our Nation's Birthday with a Service Project

The Fourth of July is near!  It’s our nation’s birthday.  Everyone knows it as a day of barbequing, swimming, spending time with friends and family outdoors, and celebrating our nation’s independence.  Have you ever thought of participating in a community service project on this day of celebration?  Some cities and towns have Fourth of July service projects already, but what if you created your own?  The following are some possible service project ideas related to the Fourth of July. 

Since the purpose of the Fourth of July holiday is to celebrate our nation’s independence, why not volunteer to directly help the men and women who fought for our independence?  You could volunteer at a Veteran’s medical center or career center.  This would give you the opportunity to provide a friendly appreciation for the hard work these people have done for you and it is a perfect way for you to give back to your community.  Also, it keeps you in the Fourth of July holiday spirit by keeping pride in our country.  

A second service project idea is to help clean up and restore a park.  You could volunteer to restore a local park or even a national park in Washington, D.C.  Helping beautify our nation’s parks will help show your pride in our country.  And, after all, helping the environment is one of our nation’s concerns and your assistance will help aid that mission.  

If you enjoy helping spread the principles of good health and wellness, you could also volunteer at a local hospital.  Hospitals are always open, whether it is a holiday or not.  These are busy places that could use some extra helping hands.  You could help visit patients, run errands, or provide childcare for parents of patients who may need some extra time.  And be sure to wear your red, white, and blue to spread the holiday spirit.  

Another idea is to volunteer at a nursing home.  Nursing homes, like hospitals, are busy places that are always in need of extra help.  Nursing homes will probably have some Fourth of July events planned that could include musical performances, magic shows, and holiday theme crafts.  The staff would welcome your help in singing, dancing, or showcasing your own unique special talents for the residents. 

A fifth community service project idea could be to volunteer at your local town’s Fourth of July celebration.  This most likely involves a picnic with family friendly events.  Besides providing help to the event organizers, you are most directly going to associate with different city government employees such as your local police department, fire department, and other workers.  Your presence and hard work will show them that you appreciate their hard work to help keep you safe.  
As always, remember with any service project that the purpose is for you to give back to your community.  The above options are just a few of the many unique projects you can participate in this Fourth of July.