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Five Father's Day Gifts that Give Back

If you haven’t been struck with inspiration yet, you’re probably wondering just what you to do for the father figure in your life – and praying that you don’t run out of time before Sunday. Here are five things you can do for your dad for Father’s Day that have the added bonus of giving back. 

1) Service Scavenger Hunt Race

Get the rest of your friends involved and do something for all the dads in the neighborhood! Each family that participates will have a clue. Start off with a task like raking leaves for participants to complete. Once each person is done with what they’re assigned, they can receive their clue. The clue tells them which house to go to for their next task – whoever finishes first wins! You can do anything from mowing someone’s lawn to simply picking up trash. See what your neighborhood needs done and give some dads a break on Father’s Day. 

2) Chef for a Day

This is something simple that kids and dads can do together. Put on your chef hats and make dinner or cookies for someone in need. Whether it’s a new neighbor, someone who is sick or alone, or just a friend who fell on hard times, someone will appreciate a home-cooked meal. If you want to stay at home, cook a special meal just for your dad. 

3) Make Someone Smile

Make paper hearts or a similar craft and write encouraging elements on each one. If you want, you can personalize your crafts and make a special one for each dad that you know. Hand them out with your dad and watch the smiles spread across each person’s face. Make sure that he gets one, too! 


With Charitybuzz and a lot of extra cash, you can make a dream happen! Charitybuzz joins with celebrities, sports teams, and many others to create once in a lifetime opportunities that are available to the highest bidder. Though expensive, all of the proceeds go to non-profits around the world, and they’ve raised sixty million dollars so far! 

5) Rescue Gifts

If you don’t have the cash to drop on Charitybuzz, you can still get a gift that gives back for a smaller price. With Rescue Gifts, you can buy a gift for a refugee. Gifts range from a simple mosquito net to women’s business training, and can be as low as eighteen dollars. After you’ve decided which gift inspires you, you can dedicate it to your dad. Rescue Gifts will send him a beautiful card, which includes your personal dedication and a description of how your gift helps refugees.